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Partial Listing Of The Advanced Research Behind NeuroWisdom 101

NeuroWisdom 101 is based on a new model of human consciousness that Consolidates Over 31,000 Studies from the database of the Prestigious National Library of Medicine.

NeuroWisdom 101 is Already Used by Universities and Corporations Around the World to Improve Clarity, Communication, and Self-Esteem, Improve Human Potential and Performance. This is the ONLY Brain Training Program Is…

  • Research-Based
  • University-Endorsed AND
  • Supported by hundreds of peer-reviewed studies and Experts Worldwide.

NeuroWisdom 101 integrates the Most Recent Neuropsychological Findings that focus on nearly every aspect of your life — at home, at work, and your relationships with others.

NEUROWISDOM STRATEGIES REDUCE ANXIETY AND IMPROVE COGNITIVE FUNCTION: A systematic review of fMRI studies in generalized anxiety disorder: Evaluating its neural and cognitive basis. Mochcovitch J Affect Disord. 2014 Oct 1;167C:336-342.

THE MINDFULNESS EXERCISES IN NEUROWISDOM ENHANCE IMMUNE FUNCTION: What is the evidence for the use of mindfulness-based interventions in cancer care? A review. Shennan et al. Psychooncology. 2011 Jul;20(7):681-97.

NEUROWISDOM 101 INCLUDES SPECIFIC TECHNIQUES THAT WILL TURN ON 1200 STRESS-REDUCING GENES: Genomic counter-stress changes induced by the relaxation response. Dusek PLoS One. 2008 Jul 2;3(7):e2576.

NEUROWISDOM HAS STRATEGIES THAT IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY: Kind attention and non-judgment in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy applied to the treatment of insomnia. Larouche, Pathol Biol (Paris). 2014 Aug 4. pii: S0369-8114(14)00093-5.

NEUROWISDOM IS FILLED WITH EXERCISES THAT ENHANCE CONCENTRATION AND ATTENTIVENESS: Impact of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) on attention, rumination and resting blood pressure. Campbell J Behav Med. 2012 Jun;35(3):262-71.

NEUROWISDOM EXERCISES HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO PREVENT WORK BURNOUT: Efficacy of Burnout Interventions in the Medical Education Pipeline. Williams Acad Psychiatry. 2014 Jul 18.

NEUROWISDOM REDUCES LEARNING DIFFICULTIES: Feasibility and effectiveness of mindfulness training in adults with ADHD. Hepark Tijdschr Psychiatr. 2014;56(7):471-6.

NEUROWISDOM IMPROVES MOOD: Mindfulness-based stress reduction among breast cancer survivors. Matchim et al. Oncol Nurs Forum. 2011 Mar;38(2):E61-71.

NEUROWISDOM INCLUDES MANY PROVEN STRATEGIES TO REDUCE PAIN: Disrupting the downward spiral of chronic pain and opioid addiction with mindfulness-oriented recovery enhancement. Garland J Pain Palliat Care Pharmacother. 2014 Jun;28(2):122-9.

NEUROWISDOM INCLUDES PROVEN TECHNIQUES TO INCREASE JOB SATISFACTION: Abbreviated mindfulness intervention for job satisfaction, quality of life, and compassion in primary care clinicians.  Fortney Ann Fam Med. 2013 Sep-Oct;11(5):412-20.

NEUROWISDOM EXERCISES ENHANCE SPIRITUAL QUALITIES OF LIFE: Relational mindfulness, spirituality, and the therapeutic bond. Falb Asian J Psychiatr. 2012 Dec;5(4):351-4.

This incredible body of extensive research shows that 90% or more of our negative thoughts are pure fantasies. They can interrupted and replaced by positive thinking and peacefulness.

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